And someone just threw me off the ship. If it wasn’t you….

fucking Wrex in the last gif.

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The Zaeed dialogue I mentioned in this post (where you can also find the script of all the lines from this video).

It mostly makes sense, though it starts off with the non-glitched lines we’re all familiar with it continues on into what we were deprived of by the glitch. Ever wonder why Zaeed left Cerberus? Wonder what happened to Vido?

Here’s your answers.

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DESTROY. A speedpaint while waiting…

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I’m actually tempted to try a renegade run through Shepard who picks the control ending..

still not touching Synthesis. 

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Number of ways Mass Effect has Ruined me: #3

When I pick up a conch shell at the beach I don’t hear the sea anymore..

I hear the sound of a entire fandom crying.

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ME3 Garrus Vakarian Soundboard


By maqeurious

-I have died and gone to heaven.

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I really wish the Galactic Readiness in Mass Effect 3 didn’t go down when your not playing it, I know it doesn’t have to be at 100% to get the ‘good’ ending but MY OCD DEMANDS IT.

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Mass Effect 3: An End, Once And For All - The Comic

*Artwork made by suthnmeh on DeviantArt*

All my feels. ;-;

Oh man so this is pretty amazing and really well done.


right in my feels :|



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My take on the Mass Effect 3 Ending

How it went down in my head anyway. 

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SSV Normandy SR-2 tour
Deck 3

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